Edward C. Mangione Locksmiths
Clifton Park  (518) 383-1998
Albany  (518) 446-0486
Clifton Park  (518) 383-1998
Albany  (518) 446-0486
Clifton Park  (518) 383-1998
Albany  (518) 446-0486

Meet the Team

​The Mangione family and staff believe that building strong relationships with our clients is at the top of the list!

Learn more about our family and staff below!

Edward Mangione

33 Years Experience

Eddie started as an apprentice under his father Philip and grandfather Edward at the age of fourteen. By the age of seventeen, after graduating from Christian Brothers Academy, Eddie was eager to become a service technician full time and use his skills to support his family business. Presently, Eddie is a valuable technician stationed in our Albany location. He is ready to roll at all times. When Eddie pulls up he will brighten your day and leave you laughing.

Philip E. Mangione IV

20 Years Experience

After graduating from Christian Brothers Academy, Philip attended SUNY Albany; shortly after he knew he wanted to be a part of the family business. In 1994 Philip decided to pursue his career at the lock shop. As he trained his passion grew for both the trade and the business. He continues to grow his knowledge in our Albany location and believes it is vital for the company to stay up to date on the latest security technology. Today, you will find Philip overseeing the day to day operations at our Central Avenue location.

Nicholas E. Mangione (Fifth Generation)

10 Years Experience

Nick has been around locks and keys since before he can remember, essentially growing up in the lock shop. He officially began working in 2004 at the Albany location. Shortly after graduating from Christian Brothers Academy in 2008 he decided it was time to join the family business full time. He loves the trade and believes customer service is the “key” to success. Nick continues to learn everyday and is eager to broaden his knowledge of not only our business but every aspect of this growing industry. Today, you can find Nick overseeing the day to day operations of the shop in Clifton Park.

Edward Hannon

25 Years Experience

After a previous career in the hardware business, Ed Hannon joined our team in 1989. He began at our old location on Washington Avenue in Albany as a bench technician working side by side with Philip E. Mangione III. After Philip recognized Ed’s skills as a technician as well as a leader, he was quickly promoted to store manager. Today you can find Ed in our Albany location as well as on the road as a service technician. Due to his wealth of knowledge and experience, Ed Hannon has become our go to man when customers have difficult question or peculiar lock problems.

Alyse Jupin

23 Years Experience

Shortly after graduating Saint Rose with her degree in business management, Alyse decided to join the family business. After 22 years, Alyse has become an invaluable member of the team. During the week she travels between both locations managing the billing, daily paperwork and other clerical tasks.

Eugene Somers

19 Years Experience

In 1995 Gene joined our team, shortly after graduating High School. He began in our old Albany location as an apprentice. Today, Gene is one of our leading installation specialists with expertise in every aspect of the locksmith trade. His vast knowledge of commercial, residential and high security hardware is thoroughly impressive. Gene realizes that no two doors are alike. Therefore he prides himself on creating custom solutions for everyday lock problems.

Randy Hall

16 Years Experience

Originally from New York City, Randy moved up to Albany to attend college. He joined our team in 1998 and decided to continue his career with us permanently. He began as a bench technician in our current Albany location, training under Edward Hannon. Now, Randy is one our our most skilled bench technicians with expertise in commercial door hardware, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, key duplication and safes. He always works hard to find our customers a solution to their most challenging lock issues. We greatly appreciate his enthusiasm and love for the trade.


3 Years Experience

Truffle joined our staff when she was only 6 weeks old. She is usually on duty at our Clifton Park store and her favorite part of the work day is LUNCH!