Commercial Services

Our commercial services department is a major part of our overall business and we put an emphasis on quality craftsmanship.

Our technicians know that a malfunctioning lock or door can inhibit productivity and effect your bottom line therefore we only install hardware that meets or exceeds the latest industry standards. Take a look below to see the services we offer to our commercial clients.

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Mul-T-Lock High Security

Lack of key control, lock manipulation, and employee theft all play a major role in the ever-rising amount of shrinkage. Mul-T-Lock offers a wide range of high security solutions for loss prevention. Products designed to secure your business offer pick, drill and bump resistance with patent-protected keys for superior key control.

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Keyless Access

We offer a wide variety of keyless access solutions, ranging from simple mechanical pushbutton locks all the way to proximity fob access systems. These keyless locks are a simple way to cut down on who has access to your business. You can not only lock individual users out at will but you can also customize when and where they have access.

commercial lock systems

Door Closers

These miracle devices make sure that your customers can access your business with ease while also ensuring the door shuts tightly behind them. A door closer is a complicated hydraulic piece of hardware that needs to be adjusted and serviced often. If you find that your door is slamming or blowing open, the door closer might be at fault.

commercial lock systems

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are a critical part of many businesses. They provide an individual access to certain areas while at the same time prohibiting access to others. In the case of an apartment complex it will allow the property manager to have one key to enter all the units while a tenant will be issued a key that will only provide access to their home. Our services range from maintaining your existing master key system to installing a brand new one.

commercial lock systems

Aluminum Storefront Locks

The type of door that you will find on many retail operations is an aluminum frame full length glass unit. These doors require unique locking systems that are extremely service friendly and secure. We service these types of doors on a daily basis so we are always stocked with any necessary part you may need. Installation is an important piece to this puzzle; a lock will only function as well as someone installs it. With this in mind our technicians make sure every part of the door is serviced, adjusted and lubricated before they leave.

commercial lock systems

Continuous Hinges

Often we take for granted a smooth operating door. Commercial doors are often extremely heavy and this puts stress on the hinges. When a heavy door has finally taken its toll on its hinges it will drag and become difficult to open and close; this can lead to premature failure of the door closer and lock. The solution to this common issue is a continuous hinge; this is a piano style hinge that runs the entire length of the door thus evenly distributing the weight of the door to the entire frame rather than two or three small hinges.